Do YARO sweets contain sugar?

Do YARO sweets contain sugar?

Healthy YARO candies and cookies are the brand's iconic sweet products. We use the most advanced technologies and high-quality ingredients to make our healthy sweets, ensuring sustainability of each sourced ingredient. When you first taste our Salted Caramel Candy or nibble on a crunchy Oatmeal Cookie, it's hard to believe that these treats are 100% natural and free from refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. Because the taste of YARO sweets is so rich and full of natural flavours!

So, what's the secret? We pride ourselves in carefully selected selected plant based ingredients that do not require added sweeteners.

Why we don't use white sugar?

Refined sugar, apart from a momentary pleasure, does not do any good for the body. It disrupts the metabolism, activates the aging processes, rinses out magnesium, sodium and calcium.

How? Sugar causes an imbalance of phosphorus and calcium in the blood, the disturbance lasts up to 48 hours. For this reason, calcium supplied from food cannot be completely absorbed, which leads to disorders related to its deficiency. There is another cause of calcium leakage - to absorb sugar, we need calcium, which sugar itself does not contain. The body is forced to take it from its own reserves. As a consequence, there are problems with bones and teeth, the nervous and blood systems.

Scientists from around the world talk about the harmfulness of sugar, revealing new aspects of its negative impact on the human body:

- In 2018, biologists at Yale University found that sugar blocks the production of Roc protein, which is essential for the reproduction of the gut microflora, which affects a healthy weight and human health.

- In an experiment by Danish scientists, 12 young men who ate 225 grams of sugar daily for 14 days developed problems with blood vessels: blood flow to the legs decreased by 17 percent, which is the same as in 65-year-olds. According to the researchers, internal organs - in particular the heart and brain - may also have suffered from insufficient blood flow.

Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine found in their study that elevated blood glucose levels in early pregnancy cause an increased risk of congenital heart defects in an unborn baby.

Besides, sugar, like other fast carbohydrates, does not satisfy hunger, it only fuel it, which leads to overeating.

We believe that food should support the body, but not harm it or burden it with useless work. That is why our sweets do not contain white sugar and have never had it.

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