About Us

YARO is a family-owned company founded in 2016 in Ukraine

We know, that unfortunately, healthy sweets are not always tasty. But we did our best to change this perception as we strongly believe that healthy lifestyle should be fun, enjoyable and delicious!

We have travelled around the world to find the right approach, the best recipes and understand all the processes associated with nutrition. Therefore, we use only natural sweeteners with a low glycemic index and rich in beneficial nutrients such as Jerusalem artichoke syrup and coconut sugar.

We are one of the first brands, who began using carob instead of chocolate for glazing sweets. This healthy superfood not only gives candies an unforgettable taste, but most importantly it does not cause allergies.

Ingredients rich in minerals and vitamins are at the heart of all YARO sweets. The composition includes nuts, seeds, berries, dried fruits, superfoods and whole grains.

One of the most important missions in our company is to be eco-friendly and do everything with respect to the environment when making choice about our ingredients and packaging materials. At YARO, we care about the welfare of our customers and the planet.

We hope you will enjoy our healthy sweets and become part of YARO family!